Health & Safety

Our highest priority at Errigal Civils is Health & Safety at work.

We pride ourselves on having an outstanding Health & Safety record and it is something we strive to continue with and to improve.

Our operatives' wellbeing and safety and the safety of the general public is always paramount before starting any project and is constantly monitored and updated through to a projects completion.

Site SafetyHealth and Safety Commitment

At Errigal Civils Ltd we do not just talk Health and Safety, we put it into practice.

The Company Safety Policy forms the backbone of our corporate culture and ensures the Health and Safety is not a bolt on extra but the fundamental feature of our day-to-day activities.

Our Safety Director is supported by a dedicated Health and Safety Department with a professionally qualified advisor.

Training & Qualifications

Our staff are provided with regular training and tool box talks and, wherever required, hold qualifications to meet construction industry standards.


Specific Health and Safety information packs are produced for each project, containing all documentation required for the management of health and safety on site.


Health and Safety is monitored by our supervisors on day to day basis supported by regular site visits and audits by our contract managers.


Errigal Civils Ltd recognises the moral, legal and business benefits of an integrated environmental strategy.

As part of our documented Environmental Policy we constantly review our day-to-day activities to improve environmental performance wherever possible.

We actively promote sustainability and strive to conserve energy, materials and resources.

We aim to advise our clients and work with our key suppliers to identify, purchase and use materials, energy and processes which minimize impact on the environment, which in turn minimizes consumption, improves efficiency and minimizes waste.

At Errigal Civils Ltd we strictly adhere to our Environmental Policy. We ensure we always remain compliant with all regulatory and legislative requirements relating to environmental protection.

Environmental Protection